Our Process

Our Process

Once we have developed a thorough brief of the position requirements we then set out to put together our shortlist of suitable candidates for our client.

We leverage our significant experience in Search, Advertised Selection, Database Search and other proven recruitment methodologies and network extensively within the verticals we specialise in.

Some of the methodologies we utilise for our clients:

  • Search
  • Advertised Selection
  • Database Search
  • Specialist Networks
  • Customised Talent Banks
  • Social Networking

Because the market is becoming increasingly ‘talent-scarce’, we know it is essential to explore all avenues and leave no stone unturned in searching the market for the right candidate.

Unlike recruitment agents who rely on unqualified databases with faceless candidates (many of whom they have little contact with), we proactively head hunt and target the market for the best individuals who aren’t looking, and may even be employed with a similar business.

Given 79% of the talent within the IT industry is passive (according to a recent MyCareer study) and not actively seeking work via job boards, it’s important to draw on search methodologies that enable us to tap into the passive market. Our team of specialist consultants are SME’s within their field and have vast networks and extensive industry contacts that they interact with on a regular basis in order to get referrals and recommendations. Headhunting plays an important role in this – our headhunting methods are extended to the utilization of various social media websites where skilled IT candidates list their profiles as well as niche IT user groups which we are members of. As a specialist recruitment company we leave no stone unturned and proactively contact specialist IT candidates in order to source the best talent for our clients.

When you partner with Resource Solutions Group, you have all the reassurance that comes with our unsurpassed network across the IT industry (we are 100% dedicated to IT recruitment so we know what we are talking about!), alongside our tailored and individual approach to each unique talent search, whether a permanent role or contract.

Each of our consultants are specialists and SME’s within their designated IT vertical – whether they are recruiting in Java development or project management, you won’t find them working in areas outside their field of expertise.

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