We understand that recruitment is one of the most time consuming and difficult tasks for a manager, this why we focus on recruiting IT talent within the top 25% of the market. The quicker you find the right candidate that is able to perform the role to a high standard, the faster you can get back to your core role as a manager and working at a strategic level.

By forming a partnership with Resource Solutions Group you will be able to tap into a select talent pool; access the top 25% of the market through our Active Talent Communities model and make better quality decisions. As we are specialists in the IT field we have the knowledge and the contacts within the industry to bring you the most highly skilled and best suited candidates fast, saving you time and money.

Organisations are only as good as the people who work within them.  We will find the candidate that’s right for your company.  We will ensure that your new employee is as much a cultural fit for the company as a technical fit for the position. We work to ensure that we understand your business and human capital needs so that we can find the best possible solution for your resource requirements.

At RSG, we understand that making the wrong hiring decision can be extremely costly to your business, so we are committed to finding the candidate that’s right for your company. We believe that, like us, your position and reputation in the marketplace is reflected in the attitude, efforts and depth of experience of the people who work and represent you.

Whether you’re looking to recruit technical, functional or senior management / executive level IT resources, we can help.