Want to make 2019 your best year yet?

By Katrina Park

The holidays are starting and 2018 is coming to an end – so it’s time to dream big, set your goals and design your best year ever!

So where to start?

We all start the year with the best of intentions, with big goals about how this year will be better than the last. But what can you do to ensure that you don’t lose sight of your goals once the going gets tough and the rose coloured glasses aren’t quite so rosey anymore.

What can you do better in 2019?

What do you want to achieve in 2019? Run a marathon? Buy a house? Get a job promotion? Get a new hobby? All of the above?

Always best to start with the end in mind.

Let’s leave the personal stuff out of it for the time being. I want to focus this little piece on looking at the 2019 year professionally.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees, you’re so tied up in the day to day motions of your job you don’t have the opportunity to have a look at the big picture of yourself, your role, your organisation. Too busy in the trenches with your head down and bum up filling seats. (yeah I know it’s pretty cool!)

Take the time to reflect and from there to plan. Here’s some things to consider when doing this.

1. Make a specific goal and write it down. Make sure your goals are measurable. 
– Goals should be SMART – specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time-based.

2. Share the goal with someone, make it public!
– A boss, a colleague, a partner, a coach, a mentor. Ask them to hold you accountable

3. Visualise success.
– I love vision boards (I have one on my desk). Images or pictures that are constantly around you to remind you of your goal, don’t allow time to happen and for you to forget what you want to achieve

4. Think about how you will celebrate when you achieve your goal!

And celebrate the small wins along the way! You’re allowed to have some fun when you do achieve your goals.

5. Get out of your comfort zone
– Don’t be afraid to fail, to try things, nothing will happen without taking action (increase the risk to increase the reward). Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! The first step towards achieving a goal is to take action, no matter how small.

Here’s some words of wisdom (not all my own) to keep you on the right path to making 2019 your best year yet.

– Stop wishing, start doing
– If you look really closely, most overnight successes took a long time.
– Nothing worth having comes easy
– Hard work doesn’t guarantee success, but it improves its chances
– Everything you’ve ever wanted, is one step outside your comfort zone. Outside of the comfort zone is where the magic happens.
– The most productive people in the world manage their energy, not just their time.
– Embrace (and seek out) feedback

Best of luck for 2019 – I hope it’s your best yet!