Starting a New Job? Here’s How to Ease the Transition

We write a lot about finding a new job, ie identifying the opening, approaching the company, cover letters v resumes, how to structure the resume, interviewing techniques etc etc etc. But the advice you read from the “Recruitment experts” or at least the “blogoshpere” that I read stops there. With the amount of people I’ve seen changing jobs since 2010 (for a variety of reasons), I’ve noticed very little information about how to approach the new job, first days, what to expect from yourself, what to expect from the company….

So I thought I’d give it a go, albeit from a relatively high level.

Here’s some things you should think about (in no particular order) when starting a new job…

  1. Set realistic expectations

For yourself, for your company and for your clients.
I know you’re excited, you’re going to change the world! You’re going to show these people a few things on how this is done. Targets? Smargets! You’ll do the whole year’s worth of work in the first quarter! Slow down, the game has changed a bit. All good things are built on strong foundations. Take the time to lay them (and let them dry) and then build steadily.

  1. Be open to change and flexible in your outlook

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, things change in life and in business, be open to it, go with it and see where it takes you. Being too rigid will cause you issues.

  1. Be calm, listen more than you talk

No matter the research you’ve done, nothing compares to being there, “find” the culture yourself, or even better let it find you. Engage people and get to know your new environment well. Then you can be a proper ambassador for your new employer.

  1. Take time out to connect with the new team

It doesn’t have to be all “helter skelter” in week one.  Take some time to connect personally with your new team members, bosses and key stakeholders.  PS coffee or lunch is great for this, take it upon yourself to invite people out.

  1. Keep smiling, and don’t look back

You’ll have your good and bad days, that’s supposed to happen. Remember you changed jobs for a reason. Maybe write those reasons down to remind you. Don’t be tempted to see the world through the infamous “rose coloured glasses”.  Remember it takes time to settle in to a new role, so resist trying to compare your new job to your old job. Give it time. Embrace the unknown.

  1. Take a break

Get to know your surrounding environment, clear your head, reload and then go hard again.

  1. Don’t forget to inform your networks

You have to keep these things up-to-date, you never know when it will come in handy.

  1. Stop saying “we” when talking about your old company

Enough said. But remember don’t burn those bridges, you never know when those old connections will come in handy.

  1. Phone etiquette

Remember to use your new company name when you answer the phone, and remember to leave your new number not the one you are used to leaving.  It’s really embarrassing to mess this up… trust me.  (perhaps a big sign near your phone may help)

  1. Communicate honestly

With your partner (if you have one) with your manager/employer and with yourself. Use them to keep you sane and on track.

  1. Have Fun and enjoy yourself

You spend the most of your waking hours at work, make it fun. Stay positive!


Best of luck and remember that each day in your new job will get easier and feel more comfortable.

I’d love to add some more tips to this, feel free to add comments to make this list useful to people.